Roslyn Talusan is a Toronto-Based feminist journalist, advocate, and consultant. She is committed to changing how the Canadian public service addresses workplace sexual violence and harassment.

Okay, I feel personally tacky writing in the third-person, so I’m gonna stop right there.

After I earned my Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management from Ryerson University in 2014, I pursued an administrative career in the Canadian public service. Within the first six weeks of my first contract, a co-worker sexually assaulted me on our drive home.

As the traumatic symptoms began to manifest having to see him in the workplace every day, I had no other choice than to seek help from my managers and reported him. You would think that the government would address sexual assault swiftly and appropriately - I thought this and was proven terribly wrong. My managers’ inadequate and unjust response was the jumping off point for my activism.

My career as a freelance writer began in 2015 at an indie publication named Femsplain, where I was a contributing author and editor. Since then, I’ve been published by outlets such as VICE Canada, FLARE Magazine, and Bitch Magazine. My favourite publication to write for is Wear Your Voice Magazine. In 2017, I went viral for bringing light to Teen Vogue’s frequent exploitation of marginalized freelance writers, and I was featured on CANADALAND’s podcast. I also have a small feature in Slut or Nut: Diary of a Rape Trial, a documentary directed by Kelly Showker, starring Toronto activist Mandi Gray.

Through my work as a journalist pursuing justice through administrative procedures, I transform my trauma into positive systemic change. I’m fiercely passionate about showing other survivors/victims that they’re not alone, and I’m dedicated to fostering empathy and compassion in Western culture to prevent and eradicate sexual violence on a grassroots level. I’m currently on the Board of the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape, where started as a Crisis Line Counsellor.

When I’m not writing or reading, I practice and teach yin yoga. Developing my spirituality has been a huge part of my healing process, and I offer short tarot readings meant to empower clients to become their best, most brilliant selves. I’m the mother of two cats, Daisy and Mango. They are the lights of my life.