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Contact your MP and Justin Trudeau

You can find my story as a public servant dealing with workplace sexual assault and harassment here. Please share this link with your Member of Parliament and our Prime Minister, and ask them to expedite my proceedings. If our government is truly invested in Bill-C65, my situation should never have escalated to this point. My life and wellbeing is more important than bureaucratic processes, and my bills can’t wait for a backlog.

If you need help drafting a letter, or figuring out who your MP is, send me an e-mail and I’d be more than happy to help.

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Life as a full-time freelancer is challenging enough as it is, and with my time being eaten up with my legal proceedings, I need help making ends meet.

I need at least $1,500 CAD/month to survive. Your donations are put towards helping me survive my fight against the government to make sure no one is ever put through what I’ve been put through.

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