Features and Interviews

Typically, I contribute to the media as a journalist. Sometimes I like talking to the media to comment on a variety of topics. My features are below:


How The Media’s #MeToo Failings Hurt Victims

Roslyn Talusan said the experience of talking about past assaults is re-traumatizing, especially when journalists get things wrong.

“Rape apologists have more reason to blame us, disbelieve us, and it makes it that much harder for advocates to affect change,” she said. “Reporters have the luxury of not having to give that much of a fuck in getting the details right or addressing the nuance.”


Why Sexual-Assault Survivors Look Outside the Criminal System for Justice

After she became involved in the criminal process when she was raped by a co-worker in 2015, Roslyn Talusan wishes the prosecutor had given her more information about what her options were—ones that didn’t involve potential jail time for her attacker. Or that the Crown prosecutor, at the very least, had clarified what would happen during the criminal law process. Talusan had wanted to move forward in way that made her feel empowered and in control. Instead, the opposite happened.


Conde Nast's Exploitation Of Writers Of Color Is Inexcusable

The hashtag #CondeNasty was aptly started by Roslyn Talusan to vocalize the injustices suffered by writers of color at the hands of Condé Nast. These egregious acts are perhaps most apparent within media darling Teen Vogue, which has seen a sudden explosion in adoration since their political coverage went stratospherically viral during the 2016 presidential campaign.


Femsplain Member’s Spotlight: Roslyn Talusan

I found Femsplain in one of the darkest moments of my life, and the community was a huge part in my healing process as a survivor of sexual violence. Femsplain ran my first ever published piece, and it opened up the world of writing to me. Their platform changed my life and helped me grow into the person I am today.