Roslyn Talusan is a feminist journalist, advocate, and public relations consultant based in Toronto, Canada. She earned her Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University in 2014, specializing in marketing management.

After receiving her degree, Talusan pursued an administrative career in the Canadian public service. Within the first six weeks of her first contract, a co-worker sexually assaulted her while driving her home. As the traumatic symptoms began to manifest having to see him in the workplace every day, Talusan realized she had no other choice than to seek help from her managers and reported the assault to them. Their inadequate and unjust response was the jumping off point for her activism.

Through her work as a journalist and pursuing justice through administrative procedures, Talusan is transforming her trauma into positive systemic change. She’s fiercely passionate about showing other survivors/victims that they’re not alone, and dedicated to fostering empathy, compassion in Western culture to prevent and eradicate sexual violence.